Corporate Event Venue

What to Look for in a Corporate Event Space

The space you choose sets the mood and experience of your attendees’. You want your venue to be practical, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing. As the organizer you also want easy, some flexibility and a cooperative staff.

Your Space Needs to Fit Your Agenda

Are there floorplan options? Can you set up the space to accomplish what your event has planned? Who sets up the tables and chairs? Is this included in the price of the venue rental?

Ensure your space is not too small, you want adequate space to move around. You could bring your agenda & list of questions when you tour locations or email them in advance to answer your questions. Save yourself some time!

Take pictures or even short videos so you remember what you saw & don’t confuse it with other locations.

Things to ask or look for:

  • “Can the space accommodate everything we want to do?”
  • “Can all our employees, like those with disabilities easily enter, move around, or access the parking or restrooms?”
  • “Are there breakout rooms for different activities?”
  • “Can we make a presentation or use a microphone?”
  • “Is there a sound system?”
  • “Is there WiFi?”
  • “Can we bring in food? Do you have a caterer you require us to use?”

Prioritize Accessibility for All

Consider all of your employees or attendees, sponsors, guests and staff. You want to be sure that everyone can navigate the space with ease—this includes those with special needs. Ask to see the bathrooms & ask the venue to show you where your attendees with special needs would enter.

Leave No Stone Unturned – Ask About Fees

It’s not uncommon for some venues to have hidden fees. They may tack on taxes, gratuity, fees for not using their caterer or have minimums.

Be clear about the needs of your event, the time you want to have access to the building and what is included.

Choose a Venue in a Good Location

For a local event, a venue that is within reasonable distance to your prospective attendees’ homes/work may be important. Out of town attendees will want to be close to their hotel, entertainment after the event and free parking.

South&West Event Venue has:

  • Free parking & handicap accessible
  • Microphone, podium
  • Banquet tables, dining tables
  • Free WiFi
  • Bluetooth Soundsystem inside and outside
  • Conveniently located near hotels and Market Square
  • Within walking distance to restaurants, breweries, shopping and entertainment.
  • Controlled air inside
  • Outdoor covered patio with fans and luxurious fireplace
  • No required vendors
  • Staff to assist you in planning.
  • Set up and Clean-up of all tables and chairs is complimentary.
  • No hidden fees.

South&West provides clients with an incredible corporate event venue. Our serene environment ensures you can host a fundraising gala, board meeting, or plan your company party. We have enough space to ensure you can host a large gathering.

Build your lasting corporate relationship with us. Contact us today, and let’s start the journey to your next corporate event today.

  • Shareholder or board meetings
  • Company parties
  • Business meetings or dinners
  • Training seminars
  • Fundraisers
  • Conferences
  • Award ceremonies
  • Networking events

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