December 14, 2022

Engagement Party Ideas

Engagement party ideas

Your engagement party is just the first celebration of many to come! You’ll want to absorb every moment & not stress over the planning, so we’ve put together some ideas to get you started.

You want your engagement party venue in Easley, SC to be one to remember. However, you might find yourself searching for ideas. Here’s a look at some engagement party ideas from South&West to consider:

Choosing a Host

First, choose the person to host the party. If you’re following tradition, the bride’s family will host the engagement party. Anyone can host the party though; it all depends on what you choose to do.

Decide How Big the Party Is

The host will need to know who is attending your wedding event. Why? Etiquette says that you only invite guests to the engagement party and showers if they are also invited to the wedding. 

You could start with the making up this list. If your fiancé is in a different state you may choose to have two parties, one close to where you each reside. Whatever you choose, be sure to discuss the guest list with the host or hosts before they send out invitations. 

Start off right with clear communication & you’ll have everyone on the same page. You don’t have to invite everyone on the wedding invitation list, it can be a small group of your closest friends.

Choosing a Venue

Next step is deciding a venue for the party. Now that you have an invitation list already you know how many your venue will need to accommodate. 

Since families & friends will be possibly meeting each other for the first time it’s a good idea to have a casual or semi casual engagement party. This provides families a more relaxed atmosphere to meet each other, nothing is awkward, and mingling is easy. 

If possible, allow the parents to meet each other before the party. Can you arrange dinner at your house or a restaurant that isn’t going to rush you? Ideally a setting that is neutral & peaceful. 

The Guest House at South&West, right here in Easley, is perfect for a casual or semi casual engagement party. The House has everything you need for the perfect party. In the House you’ll find champagne flutes, platters, serving dishes, chafers, a full kitchen, and we can set it all up for you! 

You can rent the Guest House, have your host do the planning or make it stress free and we’ll do everything for you! From creating invitations, setting up the perfect party décor, all the way to pouring the champagne! 

What About Gifts?

 Lastly, don’t forget about the gifts! Yes, people often bring gifts to the engagement party! Most of the time people bring champagne and gifts that reflect their excitement for you. 

You can register now for your wedding gifts. If the guests ask the host, they’ll be able to direct them right to your registry.

You’re ready to celebrate now!

Ready to Plan Your Engagement Party – South&West Is Here 

It’s time to find a partner in planning this special occasion. South&West can help you plan and execute an engagement party that your friends and family will remember for years. Reach out to us today here or call (864) 859-3030 to start planning. 

Featured Image: Jacob Lund/Shutterstock